Video of Judge Joe Brown Drunk

Judge Joe Brown gets drunk and cusses his old TV Show

The “legendary” Judge Joe Brown, and I put legendary in quotations to emphasize that this is just my opinion, I am sure people will hate him after this video clip lol anyway, read on…

When asked what he’s drinking Judge Brown, 65, responds that it’s a “double Bombay Sapphire” and continues to pose for pictures with attractive young women who sat on his lap.  

He later tells the women that they “make an old man feel like a good motherf*****.”

In another portion of the video the unnamed cameraman jokingly says, “Guess what judge, I’m not guilty,” to which Brown immediately replies, “F*** that shi* I quit… I do not do that bullsh** anymore!’

The video of Judge Joe Brown drunk has already gone viral, you will even get to see the Judge slurring his words, flirting with young women(at least one dime) while holding a drink in one hand.

The “Judge Joe Brown” show ended/cancelled in March 2013 after 15 years on air.

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